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 Winterfall Happy Hour

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Vhale Arkhan

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PostSubject: Winterfall Happy Hour   Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:02 pm

While resting between our cleanup of the swine at the excavation camp and our upcoming journey to the lair of Irontooth, Vhale gets slightly drunk on wine at the inn which the party is staying and begins telling tales of his childhood, seemingly uninterested as to whether the rest of his friends are listening to him or not...

"... I remember hearing tales of my grandpappy of ancient dwarven heroes riding on the wings of dragons. Ever since then I have always hoped one day that I too could attain that level of greatness and become a flying hero protecting the Vale from land and sky.

Ya know, Krieg, I never told you this but when we met that was one of the strongest reasons I felt you would make a great friend and companion. I have always felt that dragonborn harnessed a small amount of that ancient power of their fully draconic brethren and that has always impressed me.

Until recently it never even occured to me that there was an entire other side to that race and that some dragons were evil. When we first met Szartharrax I was completely awed by his majestic presence even for just a whelp his power oozed out of his scales like some tangible presence. I felt sorrow for the beast after he had been slain but that is the way of this world, especially for men like us... Kill or be killed.

One day I still hope to become a friend an ally of a dragon but for now I suppose i will be content wearing the scales of a fallen one. I think together friends one day we could become the new dragonriders of this realm and the Dragon God could smile down upon us as we ride!"
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Winterfall Happy Hour
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