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PostSubject: Bitching   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:30 pm

It's the curse of innovation that people are much more likely to bitch about what they don't like than applaud what they do. There are many many things I like about what they have done, and the chief virtue of the revamped system is its more streamlined character. A lot of the complexity in 3e came from their attempt to make things customizable, which gave you freedom but required more work. On the balance I think it's a big improvement, but there are also things I don't like that I'm likely to bitch about. Don't take that as me hating the new system. I'm really excited about trying it out.

Skillz are one thing I think they could have done a better job with. I'm very disappointed in their multiclassing system, which they pretty much decided to ditch altogether. I don't like that at all and I hope they come up with something better in future supplements--taking a feat to get one random ability from the other class doesn't amount to much. Come to think of it, this new system doesn't even need to have classes at all. The attack, defense, and skill progressions are the same for everybody; the only difference is in the powers. One could conceivably just jettison the class system and allow the player to choose any power he wants and have the ability to create any kind of hybrid character. Anyway, I'm just sad about multiclassing.
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