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 Brack Battlesworn

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PostSubject: Brack Battlesworn   Thu Jun 19, 2008 10:27 am

Character Questionnaire

• What is your full name (and any nicknames)?
Brack Battlesworn, Brack or Brake to friends.
• What do you look like?
Light brown in color, looks like a dark tan human skin color.
• What is your racial heritage?
• What is your family like?
Unknown, Was left as an egg at an Erathis church and grew up under the care of the kind priests. The church is his family to which he is fiercely loyal
• Where do you live?
His home is whatever church dedicated to Erathis is closest to him at the moment.
• What sort of training did you receive as a child and young adult?
As a child he excelled at athletics and his incredible strength was soon channeled into the combat arts. Trained by the priests and Paladins of Erathis he was deemed as being more valuable as a soldier than as a Paladin but he did pick up a few tricks from the Paladins that trained him.
• Do you have a job? What do you do for money?
I go where the church needs me usually as a guard for a priest or just sent to combat the goblins or other creatures of the dark that threaten the perfect civilization that Erathis has gifted us with.
• Do you have any hobbies?
Combat is the one thing that has brought joy into Brack’s life and he practices every day to better protect the church and friends he loves most.
• Do you have a love interest?
• Are you religious?
Very loyal to the church of Erathis and it’s teachings believing that the light of civilization should be spread for the betterment of all.
• What are your three biggest fears?
That civilization will collapse and orphans like himself without families would be turned away to the darkness as society will forsake them.
• What is your biggest dream?
To see the light of civilization spread through the darkness so that no will ever be left without a family.
• What are your quirks or pet peeves?
Not very bright usually talks slowly and acts slowly. When he does act it is decisive and brutal. Hates when people are unkind to children or disloyal to their friends or religion.
• What is most important to you?
Friends are the most important things in Brack’s life he clings to them as he would his own family if he had one. The Church of Erathis is second only to his friends he upholds the principles of the church as dedicatedly as he can.
• What is your profession, and why did you choose it?
A soldier for the church he has trained with the priests and Paladins of Erathis since a very young age learning somewhat how to channel a small part of Erathis’s might to help protect his friends
• How do you imagine yourself in ten years?
Someday he would like to establish a place for orphans and others who have lost their families to take refuge and have a life and family together as a perfect society that Erathis has created.
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Brack Battlesworn
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